Room Guide

The Hideaway B&B at Bois Blanc Island accommodates guests from all over the world and we love nothing more for our guests to feel right at home. Our bed and breakfast are very unique as all our 9 bedrooms come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So, what makes all the rooms so unique? No room was built or decorated the same way giving its personality to the room. This gives any solo adventure, family, or couple options depending on what needs to fit them the most.

Do I want a room with privacy? Do I want an in-room bathroom? Do I want to be on the first floor or the second floor? We have options!

Although our guests will have no problem staying in any of the great rooms as we take great pride in making sure all rooms are up to date and clean making it the perfect room.

We know not all rooms will fit everyone’s needs and new customers will be wondering what room(s) will fit their needs the most? 

This is why we have created What room fits my needs guide?

This guide is to help you understand what rooms might be the perfect fit for you. You will be free to book any rooms that are available as this is just to guide you.

What rooms are located on the first floor? 

Answer: The Woodhaven Den, The Little Dipper, The Big Dipper, and The Veranda Room

What rooms are located on the second floor?

Answer: Serenity Shores, Paradise Pines (Master), The Origami Room, Treehouse, and The Lakeview Oasis. 

What rooms have the view of Lake Huron? 

Answer: Serenity Shores, The Origami Room, The Lakeview Oasis, The Woodhaven Den, The Big Dipper, The Veranda Room, and Paradise Pines Master Bathroom.

What rooms have the view of the back pines that often have wildlife visitors?

Answer: Paradise Pines Master Bedroom, and The Treehouse.

Accessibility (ADA) Do you have accessibility problems (wheelchair, problems going upstairs, walking, etc.) 

The Best Choice? The Woodhaven Den

Why? The Woodhaven Den is right by the front door, close to the dining area, spacious room, and has easy turns for wheels to make it in and out. The bathroom is right next door just through a private hallway.

Other Good Options: The Little Dipper, The Big Dipper, Veranda Room

Why? All rooms are located on the first floor close to their emergency exits. The Little Dipper and The Big Dipper (which is a bigger room than The Little Dipper) are wheelchairs accessibility but may have a little difficult time getting into them compared to The Woodhaven Den.

The Big Dipper bathroom is next door and The Little Dipper bathroom is a little farther away.

The Veranda Room is not wheelchair accessible as it has one small step down into the room but is perfect for someone that has trouble walking up and downstairs. The bathroom is a little farther away compared to other rooms.

Do you have a family of 4 or 5? 

The Best Choice? The Lake Oasis Package

Why? The Lake Oasis Package contains The Lake Oasis and Treehouse room (located on the second floor). The Lake Oasis contains a queen bed and sleeps 2. Across from The Lake Oasis is the Treehouse room that contains a bunk bed and a single bed that is perfect for kids, teens, or even adults! The shared bathroom is located right in the middle of both rooms.

Other Good Options: The Woodhaven Den Package, The Dipper Package

Why? The Woodhaven Den Package contains The Woodhaven Den and The Veranda Room. The Woodhaven Den contains a king bed and sleeps 2. The Veranda Room is located nearby but has a farther walk than The Lake Oasis Package. The Veranda Room contains a full and a twin bed and sleeps 3. This room is perfect for older teens or adults.

The Dipper Package contains The Big Dipper and The Little Dipper and sleeps 4 total. The rooms are the closest as they’re right next to each other making them perfect for younger kids, teens, or adults, and a bathroom right next to it. The Little Dipper contains two twin beds and sleeps 2. The Big Dipper contains a full bed and sleeps 2. 

What room gives you the most privacy

The Best Choice: Serenity Shores

Why? Serenity Shore contains a queen bed and sleeps 2. It is located on the far side of the house on the second floor. No rooms are nearby Serenity Shores giving it the most privacy we offer. The room comes with a room-in bathroom, and one of the best views looking out towards the straights of Mackinac.

Other Good Options: Paradise Pines (Master)

Why? Paradise Pines is our master bedroom that contains a king bed, a twin, and sleeps 3. It is located on the second floor. The room is very spacious and comes with a private master bathroom (located across from the master) with a jacuzzi tub. As it does have a room located down the hall it still offers a lot of great privacy!

Romantic Getaway

The Best Choice: Paradise Pines (Master)

Why? Say no more! Paradise Pines is a must for the perfect romantic giveaway. Our master bedroom contains a king bed, a twin, and sleeps 3 if needed. The room and master bathroom are both very spacious and the master bathroom is located directly across from the master room and contains a jacuzzi tub. This room offers great privacy as well.

Other Good Options: Serenity Shores

Why? This is another luxurious room with a great view of the Straights of Mackinac. It gives the most privacy and is great for a couple trying to get away on a romantic stay. The room contains a room-in bathroom with a stand-up shower. The bathroom is smaller compared to the master bathroom. Room sleeps 2.

What is the best for a solo traveler? 

The Best Choice: Any

Why? Even though all our rooms are unique. They all make a perfect room for the solo adventurer.

If you’re looking for the best budget room then Lake Oasis or The Big Dipper would be great for you! Privacy and comfortable than look no farther than The Paradise Pines or Serenity Shores look! If you looking for the room with the most character then The Origami room would be perfect for you.

What is the most unique room?

The Best Choice: The Origami room

Why? This room is located on the second floor and isn’t called The Origami room for no reason. It has very unique folds where the peak meets in the roof making it look like an Origami artwork. This is one of our most popular rooms and sleeps 2.

Other Good Options: Treehouse Bunk

Why? The bunk beds are built into the floor and ceiling and give this room so much character, something you may have never seen before! It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult. This room is for you. 

What is our most popular room?

The Best Choice: Paradise Pines

Why? Paradise Pines is by far our most popular as it comes with everything everyone is looking for in a room! It has a spacious room, king-size bed, privacy, a great view of the pines (in the bedroom) and Lake Huron (in the bathroom). The bathroom contains a jacuzzi tub and the bedroom sleeps 3. 

Other Good Options: Serenity Shores, The Origami Room, and The Woodhaven Den.

Why: It depends on what you are looking for. All these rooms are some of our guest’s top favorites and can’t go wrong with them! 

What room is best for Special Occasions such as weddings, class/family reunions, etc.

The Best Choice: Whole house rental. 

Why? Depending on the size of your party and how many people you need to accommodate. This would be a great choice for you. You would have the whole house to yourselves! House can accommodate up to 21 people. Call The Hideaway for more information/booking.

Other Good Options: First-floor rental, second-floor rental

Why? If you have a smaller group coming you can have the great choice of the first floor or second-floor rental giving you the great option to have more privacy. Call The Hideaway for more information/booking.

What room(s) is best for a family bigger than 5?

The Best Choice: Multi rooms/packages

Why? Depending on your situation, we have great packages or just multi rooms you can rent to help accommodate your needs. For example, If you have a family of six or seven you can rent The Lakeview Oasis Package (The Lakeview Oasis room and The Treehouse room) and also The Origami Room. All rooms are near each connected by a common area. This would be great for any family. If you have any questions about what would be the best, just call us and we’ll take care of you.

Other Good Options: Floor rental

Why? If you have a big group, looking into a floor rental might be a great option for you. Depending on how many you have or just another multi rooms/packages based on availability. If you have any questions about what would be the best, just call us and we’ll take care of you.