Travel by Plane

We love when all our customers make it to the island without a hitch but transportation can be a little tricky or confusing at times especially for new customers. In order to help our customers make it to their much-needed vacation without any stress.

Must Read: We have created a must-know traveling by plane guide before heading to The Hideaway. We have answered every question you may have but if you feel like there is a question that has not been answered. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you through the process of traveling to your hideaway!

Please Note: If you have any other questions regarding the plane ride. Please contact Great Lakes Air directly. (Great Lakes Air is a 3rd party)

Charter Plane (Great Lakes Air)

Great Lakes Air began in St. Ignace, Michigan, and began air charter service from Mackinac County Airport serving various destinations throughout Michigan. Over its thirty-year career, Great Lakes has established a name as one of the largest air charter companies in Michigan with its main charter destination, Mackinac Island. In addition to passenger charter, cargo is also flown throughout Michigan.

  • Great Lakes services include on-demand Air Taxi flights to Mackinac, Bois Blanc, and the surrounding area, on-demand Air Charter to anywhere in North America.
  • Great Lakes Air takes pride in providing our customers with safe, comfortable, and convenient air services. Our seasoned pilots and ground support staff possess exceptional credentials and prioritize your safety and our service to you.

Key Information

Address: 1220 I-75BL, St Ignace, MI 49781

Phone Number: (906) 643-7165





How long is the trip? 10 minutes

Is the plane ride safe? Yes, Great Lakes Air takes pride in providing our customers with safe, comfortable, and convenient air services.

What can I see from the plane? You will be able to see a lot of amazing things from the plane including the Mackinac bridge off in the distance, Mackinac Island, Round Island, Bois Blanc Island, and of course Lake Huron!

Are they always open? Yes, they run 7 days a week. All year long.

Does The Hideaway offer free pick-up? Yes, we offer free pick-up/drop-off for our guests.

How can I get picked up from the airport? Make sure to call us and schedule an appointment to be picked up. We will be waiting there for you when you land!

How far is the airport from The Hideaway? We’re located 20 minutes drive from the airport.

Do I have to cross Mackinac Bridge to get to the airport? Yes, the airport is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan if you’re traveling through the lower peninsula you will need to cross the bridge.

Do I have to pay a toll for the Mackinac Bridge? Yes. Check rates


How much are tickets? To Bois Blanc, Island tickets are $50.00 one way. Kids (2-12 years of age) $40.00
Infants (0-1 years of age) are free.

Is there a seat minimum? Yes, Great Lakes Air requires a two-seat minimum so even if you were to travel alone you will need to pay a two-seat minimum.

Do I get free luggage with my fly? Great Lakes Air offers 50 lbs luggage for free.

Can I bring more than 50 lbs? Yes, after the 50 lbs Great Lakes Air charges per lb.

Contact Great Lakes Air to learn more about pricing and how much you can bring. The planes hold limited luggage.

Will the plane leave without me? Yes, the plane runs on a very strict time-sensitive schedule and leaves on the scheduled time even with a reservation.

What if I won’t make my reservation on time? Make sure to call Great Lakes Air to see if there another flight you can get on and to call us at The Hideaway to let us know especially if you have a scheduled pick-up from us.


Do I need a reservation? Yes, all flights require you to make a reservation.

Note: If you don’t make your reservation you may have to wait for the next flight.

How do I make a reservation? Call Great Lakes Air office and they can add you to their schedule. 

Does the plane travel during bad weather? No, we recommend always checking Great Lakes Air Facebook or call to see if they have canceled especially if you’re traveling far.

Note: If the plane doesn’t run the day of your reservation you may qualify for a partial/full refund or gift certificate for future use.

Is Great Lakes Air and The Hideaway have the same owner? No, we work closely together to ensure both our guests make it to and from the island but if you book a room at The Hideaway, you’re not guaranteed to get a reservation for the plane if you book last minute.

Arrival Time

What time do I get there?

Make sure to show up 30 minutes before your reservation as it takes time to load up the plane. Great Lake Airs leave at the scheduled time and if not on time, you may miss your chance to make it to the island for your reservation at The Hideaway.

Note: We recommend leaving extra time for traveling to Great Lake Airs as this will help to count for unexpected stops, construction, or any traffic. The Hideaway is not responsible for guests miss their reservation to the island and will not honor guests’ reservations.


Can we park our car at Great Lakes Air? Yes, Great Lakes Air offers free parking to all their customers.


Are there any restrictions that I can bring on the plane?

Yes, contact Great Lakes Air to learn what you can and can not bring.