Are you located on an island?
Answer: Yes, we’re located on Bois Blanc Island, east of Mackinac Island.

Can I drive to the island?

Answer: No, the only way to travel to Bois Blanc Island is by ferry (you can bring your car) or by airplane.

Is my ferry trip included in my rental?
Answer: No, tickets to travel to the island are separate and can be purchased from Plaunts Transportation.

How do I get to the ferry?
Answer: Check out our travel by ferry guide under the transportation tab.

Do you serve breakfast?
Yes, we serve breakfast every morning with every room rental.

Do you serve lunch and dinner?
Answer: Yes, we serve lunch and dinner as an add-on fee that guests can purchase when booking.

Are there any places to eat on the island besides the Hideaway?
Answer: Yes, there is a small seasonal diner and bar but food options are very limited.

Is there a store on the Island to purchase food?
Answer: Yes, inside the diner is a small general store that has very limited items.

Note: I would suggest to bring your own food since food/items at the stores can be very limited and expensive.

Can I bring my own toys such as a boat, kayak, jetski, etc?
Answer: Yes

Are there outdoor amenities on the property?
Answer: Yes, we offer a hot tub, fire pit (wood provided), and patio with a grill.

General policy Questions

Is there a minimum number of nights required?
Answer: Yes, on the weekend we require a two-night stay. During the week only one night stay.

What type of payment do you accept?
Answer: We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Sorry checks, cash, and money orders are not accepted at this time.

Is it safe to book online? 
Answer: Yes, it is completely safe to place your reservation online. We use SSL technology on our website.

What time is check-in?
Answer: 3:00 PM ET or later

What time is check-out?
Answer: 11:00 AM ET. No late check-outs

What is your deposit policy?
100 percent deposit is required at the time of reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?
Written cancellation received: Before 30 days of your arrival date – Free Cancellation.

Cancellations within 30 days: Within 30 days of your arrival date – 50 percent of your deposit becomes non-refundable.

Can I bring my pets? 
Yes, We are Pet friendly.

A 50.00 dollar a day refundable deposit will be charged. The deposit will be forfeited if there is damage caused by the pets.

Pets must be under the control of the owner at all times. The Hideaway B&B is not responsible or liable for a pet while on the premises.

Note: We do have two cats that live on the property.

Is smoking allowed?
We’re a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not allowed on the property except in designated areas. A minimum cleaning fee of $300 will be accessed for anyone smoking in non-designated areas such as the house and rooms.

Can I bring alcohol to consume during my visit?
Answer: Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed on the premises on a bring your basis. Any guest consuming an adult beverage must be 21 years of age or older. 

Policies on ferry/airplane transportation

Do I get a refund if I miss my reservation on the ferry/airplane?
No, The Hideaway B&B is not responsible for guests that miss their ride over to the island. 

What if the ferry/airplanes cancel all trips to the island do I get a refund?
If the ferry/airplane cancels for any reason such as bad weather. We do offer a partial/full refund or rain check certificate depending on the situation. 

Do you offer free pick-up/drop-off to the airport or ferry dock?
Yes, you need to make a scheduled time to be picked up with The Hideaway B&B.

Do you have parking available?
Yes, We offer free parking for all our guests.

Do you offer free luggage storage?
Answer: Yes, We’re flexible with ferry/plane times and offer free secure storage for baggage.

Can we stay while we wait for our ferry or flight? 
Answer: Yes, you will be able to have access to our common areas while you wait. 

Room locations & Amenities

What rooms are located on the first floor? 
Answer: The Woodhaven Den, The Little Dipper, The Big Dipper, and The Veranda Room

What rooms are located on the second floor?
Answer: Serenity Shores, Paradise Pines (Master), The Origami Room, Treehouse, and The Lakeview Oasis. 

Do you have rooms that accommodate more than 2 guests?
Yes, some of our rooms accommodate up to 3 guests and packages that can accommodate more depending on what you book. 

Will I have to share a bathroom?
All available rooms will come with their own bathroom. Some packages have a shared bathroom that will be listed and is only rented out to the same group travelers. 

Do you have WIFI?
Yes, we offer free high-speed WIFI for all our guests. We request that you refrain from large downloads as a courtesy to your fellow guests and the business function of the bed and breakfast.

Can guests use the kitchen?
Yes, we offer a kitchen downstairs and upstairs to be used but will need a scheduled time to use it and are responsible for clean-up and sanitizing for the next guests’ use.

Can guests use the fridge(s) or microwave?
Yes, they are allowed to use the fridge and microwave downstairs or upstairs at any time. 

Do you have a dryer and washer for guests?
Yes, guests have access to the laundry facilities we have on-site.

Where do the innkeepers stay?
They live at the bed and breakfast in their own private wing of the house.