Travel by Ferry

We love when all our customers make it to the island without a hitch but transportation can be a little tricky or confusing at times especially for new customers. In order to help our customers make it to their much-needed vacation without any stress.

Must Read: We have created a must-know traveling by ferry guide before heading to The Hideaway. We have answered every question you may have but if you feel like there is a question that has not been answered. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you through the process of traveling to your hideaway!

Please Note: If you have any other questions regarding the ferry with your vehicle or time. Please contact Plaunt Transportation directly. (Plaunt’s is a 3rd party)

The Ferry (Plaunt Transportation)

The story behind Plaunt Transportation: Passed down from Generation to Generation, our transportation service has been in business since 1932. We can take passengers, trailers, trucks, freight, motorcycles, and other motor homes. Our goal is to meet as many of our customer’s needs as possible, pick-up and delivery of goods from area merchants, you name it, we’ve bought it and delivered it to somebody on the island indoor & outdoor parking warehouse for storage freight forwarding from all shippers.

Key Information

Address: 412 Water Street Cheboygan, MI 49721

Phone Number: (231) 627-2354





How long is the trip? 45 minutes

When are Plaunts official dates? May 1st to November 30th.

The ferry may before or past the official dates all depend on the weather. Contact Plaunts for more information.

How big is the boat? Length – 95′ & Width – 36′

Do I have to wear a mask on the ferry? No

Is there a bathroom or sitting area on the boat? No public bathroom. There’s a bathroom at Plaunts office. Make sure to use it if needed.

What if I am a walk-on? You will have to stand on the boat as this ride is especially beautiful, we advise you to bring a coat as the boat ride can be cold or windy.

What happens if I come over with no vehicle? We recommend you bring your own vehicle. This way you can enjoy the island at your own speed and time. We do offer free parking for our guests.

If you chose not to bring over your own vehicle we do offer free pick up from the dock and free shuttles to certain parts of the island depending on time.

What if I won’t make my reservation on time? Make sure to call Plaunts to see if there another boat you can get on and to call us at The Hideaway to let us know especially if you have a scheduled pick-up from us.

Will the ferry leave without me? Yes, the ferry runs on a very strict time-sensitive schedule and leaves on the scheduled time even with a reservation.

What if the ferry isn’t there when I arrive? Sometimes the ferry runs behind schedule. If you show up and the ferry isn’t there just be patient. If you are worried please, ask the front office at Plaunts when the ferry will arrive.

How fast is the boat? The boat moves very slow. Under 10 miles an hour.

Does the boat travel during bad weather? No, we recommend always checking Plaunts Facebook or call to see if they have canceled especially if you’re traveling far.

Note: If the ferry doesn’t run the day of your reservation you may qualify for a partial/full refund or gift certificate for future use.

Can I take my own boat to Bois Blanc Island? Yes, you may take your personal boat across to Bois Blanc Island but will have to dock out of Cheboygan public dock. The Bois Blanc Township Marine can accommodate up to a 35-foot vessel.

Note: You will have to pay to park your car at the Cheboygan public dock and pay to dock your boat at the Bois Blanc Township Marine. Please call Bois Blanc Township for more information.

How do we get to The Hideaway from the dock? If you take a right from the dock, just go straight. We’re located on the left side about 5 minutes (a mile and a half) from the dock. If you go past the tavern, you went too far.

What do I need to do when arriving at The Hideaway? Just park on the side across from the main door with the other guests. You are free just to walk in and ask for the innkeepers Lisa and Roger as they might be busy or to call for them to greet you outside and show you to your room.

How fast can I drive? All roads are dirt (well-graded) and some are seasonal on the island. The speed is 25 mph on the whole island.


Where do I buy my tickets? Tickets can be purchased in person at the office.

Where is the office located? The office is located in¬†Plaunt’s front office building located by the road. You’re able to walk from the parking lot. If can’t find it please, ask one of the employees by the ferry.

How much are the tickets? Tickets are sold as a round trip.

Plaunts offers options for everyone’s needs. Options include walk-ins, vehicles, bulk tickets, trailers, ATVs, bikes, and more.

To view all their different options please visit Plaunts rates.

What happens if I lose my ticket? After purchasing your tickets, make sure to keep the other half safe as it is your return back to Cheboygan.

If you do lose your return ticket, Please contact Plaunts directly.


Do I need a reservation? People walking on the boat do not need to make a reservation, but we do highly recommend reservations for vehicles.

Note: If you don’t make a reservation you may have to wait for the next boat or longer to get on the boat with your vehicle.

Where can I find the ferry schedule? On Plaunt website. Schedule

How do I make a reservation? Call Plaunts office and they can add you to their schedule. 

Is the ferry and The Hideaway have the same owner?
No, we work closely together to ensure both our guests make it to and from the island but if you book a room at The Hideaway, you not guaranteed to get a reservation for the ferry if you book last minute with a vehicle.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation for the ferry?

With vehicle: If you are bringing a vehicle you need to book at least two weeks in advance (sooner the better) to help ensure to have a spot.

Walk-ons with no vehicle: If you’re just walking on you will be able to walk on the same day without a reservation. If can make a reservation just to be safe.

Note: The ferry during peak season gets very busy and may not have room for you if you book last minute. The Hideaway is not responsible if you can’t get a reservation for the ferry last minute.

Arrival Time

What time do I get there?

With vehicles: Make sure to show up 30 minutes before your reservation as it takes time to load up each individual vehicle. Plaunts leave at the scheduled time and if not on time, you may miss your chance to make it to the island for your reservation at The Hideaway.

Walk-ons: No need to make a reservation for walk-ons. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This will leave time to buy your tickets at the office, park your car, and ensure the boat keeps on a strict schedule.

Note: We recommend leaving extra time for traveling to Plaunts as this will help to count for unexpected stops, construction, or any traffic. The Hideaway is not responsible for guests who miss their reservation to the island and will not honor guests’ reservations.

Loading Vehicles

How does the loading process work?

To Bois Blanc Island: Park in a parking spot out in the paved city lot and a Plaunt Transportation employee will be with you shortly to load your vehicle.

To Cheboygan: Park in a parking spot on the causeway and a Plaunt Transportation employee will be with you shortly to load your vehicle.

Note:  A plaunts employee will load your car onto the boat but you’re responsible to drive your own vehicle off the boat. A plaunts employee will help guide you off the boat so make sure to wait your turn to exit the boat.


Can we park our car at Plaunts? Yes, Plaunts offers paid parking. To view all their different options please visit Plaunts rates.


Are there any restrictions regarding carrying gasoline, diesel fuel, or propane on the boat?

Yes. There are only two 6 gallons cans of gasoline, two 20 pound propane cylinders, or one of each allowed per vehicle.  There are no restrictions regarding diesel fuel. 

If you have any other questions about transportation by ferry make sure to contact Plaunts.